World Interfaith Online Prayer Conference Is Set To Call for Overcoming COVID 19

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PORTALNTT.COM – 2020 (HWPL) World Interfaith Joint Prayer Conference will be held online on the 26th of October to call for the eradication of the COVID 19 and the continuation of the work of peace by religious communities in the pandemic


The conference aims to deliver a message of hope to people and religious communities of the world who suffer under COVID 19 and create a platform to pull together to overcome the pandemic transcending religions and continents.


The host organization, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), is a Korea based international peace organization under the UN Department of Global Communications and ECOSOC carrying out global peace activities, including Interfaith Dialogue Meetings, known as WARP Office Meetings.


The WARP Office meeting has been carried out in 128 countries since its start in 2014 to strengthen the communication among different religious groups based on mutual respect and open dialogue.


Around 800 people, including leaders and members of various religious groups, civil society, and youth, from 3 continents, are expected to join the conference. Many of them are the religious leaders who have the experience to attend the HWPL WARP Office meeting before.


Nirmaljit Singh, Sikh Chaplin of Wexham park hospital (a Sikh religious minister from England,) delivered, “I have worked with HWPL for three years. I have attended the WARP office meeting several times. It gave me chances to share my views according to my religion and traditions. I think the HWPL prayer conference will provide a platform for every religion that enables them to work for humanity.”


The conference will include speeches from the leaders of 6 religious groups, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism, Christianism, and Islam, and a prayer session designed to unite the voice of people from different faith backgrounds to overcome the COVID 19.

Hoihyeon Jeong, chief manager of HWPL Southern Seoul Gyeonggi Branch, delivered “2020 HWPL World Interfaith Joint Prayer Conference is an event where all religious people gather to comfort the families of the global communities who suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic and unite hearts of people to pray for the end of COVID-19. I expect the conference will be the most meaningful event of the year to see world peace through the harmony of different religions in the pandemic”.

The conference is free and open to anyone who loves peace. An online registration form is available at until the 23rd of October. Those who are not registered can also join on the live stream at on the day of the event.


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